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Faith and Globalisation, Aug 2017: Guest Lectures on Jerusalem and India


Faith and Globalisation, Aug 2017: Guest Lectures on Jerusalem and India

Please take a notice on the following public lectures of the Helsinki Summer School (HSS) Faith and Globalisation course this August:

Faith and Globalization Open Symposium

23 August 2017 (Wed), 12:30-18, University of Helsinki

Further information about the programme: https://helsinginyliopisto.etapahtuma.fi/fi-fi/Kalenteri/Suomi?id=48167

Guest Lecture by Prof. Songram Basumatary  

Power of Religion and Religion of Power in Conflicting Politico-Religious Scenarios in India

Wed 23 Aug 16.30-17.30 (Language Centre, Fabianinkatu 26, sh. 206)

Rev. Dr. Songram Basumatary is an ordained minister of Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church (NELC), India, and currently the Professor of Theology and Ethics at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute. Songram has written his dissertation on Ethnicity and Tribal Theology, which is published as book entitled Ethnicity and Tribal Theology: Problems and Prospects for Peaceful Co-existence in North East India (Peter Lang 2014).

Welcome all to listen and to participate!

(No pre-registration.)

This Faith and Globalisation course is organised by the HSS and The Faculty of Theology (teologinen tiedekunta), University of the Helsinki. Further inquiries: responsible teacher, acting university lecturer Ville Päivänsalo (ville.paivansalo@helsinki.fi) and course coordinator, doctoral student Eeva-Mari Virtanen (eeva-mari.virtanen@helsinki.fi