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Ecclesiology and Clergy Renewal: A colloquy with Ph.D. Robert C. Saler (18.12.)

Thursday 18.12. at 13.15-14.45 in the Faculty Hall, Fabianinkatu 24, 5th Floor

Dr. Saler, who will act as the opponent in Panu Pihkala’s dissertation defense on Friday 19.12. at noon (auditorium XII, Main building), will tell of his latest research and work. The colloquy is open for all.

Between 13 and 14 the topic is ecclesiology and Saler’s new book, and between 14 and 15 we will discuss also the clergy renewal programs of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, where Saler currently works as an Executive Director.

More information about the program:

13.15 Between Magisterium and Marketplace: A Constructive Account of Theology and the Church (Fortress Press, 2014)

What is the relationship of the church to theology? How does the church relate to the work of creative theological authorship, particularly when authors propose novel claims? Even more, how do ecclesial models, particularly of ecclesial authority, underwrite or authorize how theology is done? Saler takes up these challenging and provocative questions and argues for a fresh ecclesiology of the church as event, specifically as a diffusively spatialized event.

Establishing this claim through the fascinating historical encounters between thinkers like Thomas More and William Tyndale, John Henry Newman and Friedrich Schleiermacher, Between Magisterium and Marketplace provides a theological genealogy of modern ecclesiology, arguing that modern and contemporary ecclesiology is a theological contest not between Barth and Schleiermacher, but rather Newman and Schleiermacher. Constructing an alternative path, Saler turns to the work of a diverse array of authors past and present to argue for a humble yet hopeful view of the theological task in light of contemporary ecclesial opportunities.

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