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Augustinus-päivä 14.8. klo 10-15.30 Åbo akademissa

Patristic Seminar on Saint Augustine (Turku) at Åbo Akademi, Teologiska fakulteten, Biskopsgatan 16.

Featuring professor Phillip Cary (Eastern University, US): main themes of his work on Augustine.


10.00 Welcome to the seminar – professor Gunnar af Hällström

10.15 ”TBA” Professor Phillip Cary

11.30 Lunch

13.00 ”Daily shaving. Augustine on the effects and the daily use of baptism” – Dr. Timo Nisula

14.00 ”Listening to the Prologue of Augustine’s Confessions” – Dr. Anni Maria Laato

15.00 Final discussion

15.30 End of seminar

More information: anni.laato (at) abo.fi and timo.nisula (at) sley.fi

Organizers: Åbo Akademi University and Finnish Patristic Society